12 May, 2014

life imitating art imitating life

Have we taken Orwell's 1984 as cautionary tale, or as a suggestion?

Do the increasingly distopian science-fiction works act as alarms or as beacons?

I have no doubt that there are those amongst us who interpret such works as viable models of future humanity, who see those dark imaginings as simple schemes for world domination.

It's probably all a matter of perspective, but perspective seems to be so dependent on status and class, to which we are witnessing a growing divide.

New world orde

14 Apr, 2014

A Modern Gnostic

Gabriel Roberts - A modern gnostic, in my opinion, is simply a person who understands the illusion of our concensus reality, but also recognizes that we are here for a purpose. What we achieve is precisely in tandem with what we try.

05 Mar, 2014

It is simple

It is said that the best software engineers are lazy in the right ways.

I would extend this idea to say that the best developers are simple.

All too often, when a developer is uncertain about the solution to a problem, or is foraying into unfamiliar territory, the temptation is to treat the problem as complicated, so the solution becomes complicated and contrived.

Perhaps it is a consequence of cognitive dissonance regarding the perceived difficulty of the problem, that causes the developer

18 Jan, 2014

laughing at canaries

[THESIS]: It's popular to marginalize those who speak out about hidden structures of power by calling them conspiracy theorists, and painting their opinions as extreme, however, despite being unpalatable, such citizens serve an important purpose and should not be dismissed so easily.

Knowledgenode should be structured around allowing people to form good opinions, by approaching the interface as a sort of veridical tool, not for expressing one's opinions, but for seeking valid opinions by s

16 Dec, 2013

privacy in a public space

Privacy is on everyone's minds.

We have exposed to be true what has long been imagined in our fiction. The government is in our business, thus those with power have access to meta-data about the behavior and movement of the American people. Some would treat this as consipracy come true, others are cynical and see only what they ever expected of government.

Yet to expect privacy at all in what was intended to be, and always has been, a public space is really a problem with expectations, and n

10 Dec, 2013

Sync Javascript Execution with HTML5 Video

In a recent project I had to synchronize a text change on the page with an HTML5 video.

The technique used will be valuable for anyone looking to execute javascript at specific times during the playback of any HTML5 media. ~

The markup is a simple video tag. A good resource for creating cross-browser compatible video tags is the Video for everybody generator. For the sake of demonstration:

<video id="sync-video">
    <source src="{video url}.mp4" type="video/mp4
04 Dec, 2013

Journaling in Git

Recently I started a private blog, hosted on heroku. using the same engine as this site. The blog works with simple text files commited to Git source control.

I find satisfaction in commmiting a post to source control and pushing it to heroku. Even though I have made my journal private, there is something about knowing that those thoughts now exist in the "cloud" even though that cloud may have risk, and really is just a bunch of data centers with thousands of processors and gazillions of bytes

21 Nov, 2013

Atop the Shoulders

When people ask me how I learned to do web development, I generally answer that I am self-taught, but this is an unfair statement, for in reality I stand atop the shoulders of my peers and everyone who has come before me.

It would be a great mistake to believe I simply sat in front of a computer and began, with trial and error, to discover how to bring data to a web page, or render animations and layouts in a browser. What I have provided to this endeavor is a persistent curiosity and a commit

03 Jun, 2013

Dynamic Influence

The limitation, as I see it, of current social networks like Facebook and Twitter is they reinforce the idea of social influence as a popularity contest. Much like high school, those with the most friends exert the most influence of the cultural direction, moral tone, and indeed social heirarchy.

Yet just like high school, seeking popularity results in a striving toward homogeneity, towards a level of cool that gives youngsters the feeling of belonging and validation often absent in their upbr

10 Apr, 2013

The Courage to Conclude

Intelligence is not the only aspect of being a good software engineer, nor does it guarantee success.

Learning takes courage because one must commit to the conclusion drawn from experience.

All to often, experience is sacrificed to the hobgoblins of complacency or arogance and nothing is gained.

A good coder is always learning, and learning means committing to the conclusions which experience provides. To grok a language means having a multitude of such experience. Yet, it takes courage to s

30 Mar, 2013

Transience and Social Media

The content posted to Facebook or Twitter has its value for that moment, or for a certain period of time, but the platforms do a terrible job of connecting those posts through time.

So much of what consitutes a persons life resides in the connections between their uniques experience and the insights/experience they have gained from those experiences.

Posting to FB or Twitter conveys a snapshot, but rarely tells a story. Socializition is about telling stories, so it's no wonder the quality of t

08 Feb, 2013

A Crisp Autumn Evening

There is movement in every day, a current, that runs beneath what is seen. This union carries the rhythms of living within it. If I would but slow down and escape the pain of desire and in so doing escape the bondage of want, we might rise above these feelings of inadequacy, of failure, and expand again into a full self.

The over-activity of the critical sense and the drifting distraction of my thoughts pull my concentration away from the sensual potential of moments and quickly rush self-awar

16 Dec, 2012

The tyranny of self

All too often introspection becomes the habit of second-guessing, guilt takes the room confidence would otherwise occupy.

23 Nov, 2012

It's about the story | Knowledge Node

We need to spend a lot less energy trying to convince others how to feel, think or act. So much of our economy is about encouraging and pursuading their audience to think and feel ways that benefit the message promoter.

Indeed, even our education system is about encouraging a mindset towards heirarchies and status which feeds the system future workers, and therefore future consumers.

Debt is the badge of responsibilty each image concious consumer wears. There is something fearsome about such

17 Oct, 2012

peer networks

The other wonderful value provided by peer networks is that accountability becomes so much more transparent. When someone does something that is clearly subversive, manipulative, or underhanded it is so much easier to feel like we have been slighted by someone on our same level.

So when Hulu tells me that I watch something - a product that they own and are trying to promote to me - it is blatently clear that they are trying to push something on me, and because I have become accostumed to the t

26 Sep, 2012

Beginning Again

I am using the toto blogging engine to create this, in order to create a space on this blog that will focus attention on the language - feelings of peace and sensitivity to detail.

I find this sort of purity difficult to imagine, and harder to envision how that is acheived.

Acheiving simplicity without becoming plain is the goal.

Markdown allows processes simple tabs and characters in to html leaving me free to compose rather than dealing